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About Our Company


Freepower® brings together individuals with over 100 years multi disciplined expertise in technical innovation and engineering excellence in turbines and power generation. The team united around a vision using sound ecological principles for generating electricity, by both using renewable resources and taking advantage of wasted heat from a variety of different sources, such as:


 • engine exhausts

 • flarestacks

 • various industrial processes

 • biomass and biogas

 • the sun's heat.


The technology is well suited for domestic, industrial and commercial applications for remote, demanding environments, and grid connection and provides extremely high electrical output quality, at a high level of efficiency.


Freepower® is at the forefront of small scale turbine technology and several years have been spent perfecting the company's patented, unique technology using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) in a sealed system to provide a totally clean, electricity generating solution that uses no fossil fuels, and emits no exhausts. This equipment will provide people across the globe with affordable choices, and a better way of life.


The equipment is extremely cost effective, with a short payback time, which fully embraces Kyoto's leadership challenge to protect the environment, by developing cleaner energy to reduce pollution and save dwindling resources.


The Adobe® PDF file which introduces our Company, our Technology and our products is currently being updated to the current engineering specification level.



News Releases


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