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Sales and Marketing


As worldwide electricity prices have been steadily on the increase, and media reporting indicates further price rises, Freepower® equipment provides a cost effective way of mitigating against these increases.


Many businesses operate in regions where electricity failures, through brown outs or blackouts, or power quality issues are commonplace and impact business "bottom line" in terms of lost revenue, lost customers, lost data, lost materials or lost production. Those businesses, by generating electricity from their own wasted heat resources, would have the ability to continue operating and reduce this adverse impact on business profitability.


The Adobe® PDF file which introduces our Company, our Technology and our products is currently being updated to the current engineering specification level.


Equipment is currently available direct from Freepower® .


Sample Scenarios


Click to this page to gain an understanding of how the Freepower® systems could be used across some representative scenarios.


Our Distributor Locations


The company is appointing Distributors to service market sectors on a Global basis. Organisations interested in a distributorship may register here.


We would appreciate if you could include, at least, the following information:


• Name of your Organisation

• Name of a specific contact person (including email address and phone number)

• The Company Web address

• A short overview of your current business activity

• A short overview of your in house engineering ability

• Annual turnover.


Our Product Line


Click to this section to review our current, and planned, product line.



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