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Flarestacks (Landfill & Petrochemical)


Use with Flarestacks


Almost 5 trillion cubic feet of Gas is flared annually worldwide and the exhaust heat is currently wasted. Freepower® converts this wasted energy into electricity in an environmentally responsible way.


The equipment is uniquely capable of handling low energy gases from 220C, to include "sour" gases unusable by other power generating equipment. Freepower's® Organic Rankine Cycle system is available at low capital cost and minimal maintenance costs, with a conversion efficiency of approximately 22%. The equipment is designed to operate full time and fit within operator's usual annual scheduled maintenance intervals.




Where Landfill sites use flare stacks to burn off excess gas pressure or sour aggressive gases, operators would benefit from increased electrical output or extended life of sites.


Oil or gas recovery:


The exhaust heat captured can be converted to high-grade electricity and used for two purposes to provide power:


• To pump added air at the base of the stack to increase temperature of burn to further reduce NOX emissions

• To provide power output reducing or eliminating the need for other electricity sources.



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